ASUS ROG GL752VW DH71: Why You Shouldn’t Buy It For Gaming

asus rog gl752vw dh71 review

In the world of gaming laptops, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to release two different versions of the same laptop. One version might be loaded with powerful hardware, while another will have less-powerful components in order to hit a lower price point. That’s exactly what we have here with the Asus ROG GL752VW and its sister model, the Asus ROG GL752VW DH71. They share almost identical chassis designs with red accents, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The more budget-friendly Asus ROG GL752VW DH71 has lower-end graphics hardware and a smaller hard drive (only 1TB vs 1.25TB in the ROG version). The DH71 also lacks some of the premium features you’ll find on its big brother, such as an RGB backlit logo and dedicated macro keys. 


Why You Shouldn’t Buy The ASUS ROG GL752VW DH71 For Gaming

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that can handle demanding games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Overwatch, then the Asus ROG GL752VW DH71 isn’t the one for you. The graphics hardware onboard is the only weak point of this laptop, and it’s easily the most disappointing aspect of the entire machine. Asus opted for an Intel Core i5-7300HQ processor, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. It’s an odd combination that could be suitable for some light gaming, but not for hardcore gamers. What makes matters worse is that the GeForce GTX 1060 isn’t even a full-fledged 1060 model; it’s a cut-down version of the 1060 with less cores, less VRAM, and slower clock speeds. In simple terms, the 1060 graphics card found inside the DH71 is a budget model that’s inferior to the 1060 found in cheaper laptops. 


Lousy Audio Quality

Gamers often look for headphones or headsets that have rich and full sound. Unfortunately, the speakers on the Asus ROG GL752VW DH71 sound awfully flat and muffled. There’s no real bass or crispness to the sound, so you’re better off using headphones or external speakers. The audio quality from the built-in mic isn’t great either. If you plan on doing any streaming, you might want to invest in a separate audio solution. 


Shoddy Trackpad Quality

The trackpad feels cheap, inaccurate, and imprecise. It often misses inputs, so you’ll notice cursor jumps when typing or moving the cursor around the screen. The trackpad is also too small, so you’ll constantly find yourself accidentally clicking it while typing or moving the cursor. The trackpad has no option to disable the click sound, which makes the laptop even more annoying to use. The trackpad has a few redeeming qualities, however. It has a very fast response time and it works with all types of gestures. You can also customize the trackpad’s sensitivity in the BIOS menu. 


Too Many Bloatware Apps

The laptop comes with a ton of bloatware apps that you’ll never use or need. Some of the apps you’ll find on the DH71 that you can’t uninstall include Facebook, Messenger, Netflix, and Instagram. There’s also a very unnecessary app called Splendid that you can use to adjust the screen’s brightness, contrast, and color settings. These apps take up valuable space on the laptop’s hard drive and they’ll slow the laptop down a bit. It would’ve been nice if Asus allowed users to uninstall these apps. Unfortunately, they’re baked into the laptop’s operating system, so there’s no way to remove them. 


Confused Marketing: Is It A Gaming Laptop Or Not?

The Asus ROG GL752VW DH71 has a few features that would lead you to believe it’s a gaming laptop, but it’s missing the most important aspects of a powerful gaming laptop. The laptop has a red backlit keyboard, a dedicated macro keypad, red accents on the chassis, a snazzy ROG logo on the lid, and it even has a “SHIFT” key that lights up whenever you press it. But the DH71’s most glaring omission is the lack of an Ethernet port. Most high-end gaming laptops include an Ethernet port for faster internet connections, but the DH71 doesn’t have one. 


Final Words

The Asus ROG GL752VW DH71 is a decent budget laptop, but it’s not a good gaming laptop. The laptop has several glaring issues that make it unsuitable for gaming, including poor audio quality, a subpar graphics card, and a cheap trackpad that’s difficult to use. If you’re looking for a laptop that’s suitable for gaming, look elsewhere. The Asus ROG GL752VW DH71 isn’t the gaming laptop you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a real gaming laptop, we recommend checking out our article on the best gaming laptops of 2019.