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Proceedings of the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium – Lighting and Health
Conference Proceeding by Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage, 02/01/2007

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7-8 September 2006, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The first CIE Expert Symposium in this Series, entitled “Light and Health” was held inVienna, Austria, 29 September – 1 October 2004, and its emphasis was centred onthe results of unfolding research on the effects of light upon the neuro-endocrinesystem, most notably the identification of a novel photoreceptor in the human retinaand its role in regulating circadian rhythms, and ultraviolet radiation effects upon theskin and eyes. The discussions during that symposium led to the conclusion, that afollow-up symposium should be organized with the emphasis upon practicalimplications for lighting from new research findings.

This second symposium on Lighting and Health was thus organized in conjuctionwith Division 3. It was held in Ottawa, 7-8 September 2006, and provided updates onscientific progress, with a stronger emphasis on how we might apply this newinformation in lighting recommendations and lighting design. The sessions wereorganized in two parts 1) fundamentals where the biological basics were presented,and 2) application papers detailing the practical implications and practices that mightresult. About one-third of the time was devoted to discussion of the possibleconsequences for different lighting scenarios, lamp and luminaire specifications.

The symposium had four presented paper sessions and a poster session. Thesession on Fundamentals reviewed photoreception, the neural pathways thatregulated circadian rhythms and experiments to phase shift the circadian cycle. Therelated application papers discussed measurement issues and the different effects ofapplication with different light sources. The session Effects upon Healthy Peopleconcentrated on fatigue, stress and reduced alertness after long periods spentindoors under artificial lighting. Extra stress, sleep disorders and cancer risk of shiftworkers, further jet-lag of travellers were debated and lighting conditions werepresented to reduce these negative effects. Medical and Clinical Lighting Therapyfocused on well adapted lighting conditions especially for the elderly to treat sleepingdisorders by supplying carefully prescribed light exposures. Lighting therapy devicesand new concepts of luminaires were demonstrated. Finally, a panel-led discussion,Applications in Lighting, centred on discussions on applying the circadian and healthresearch findings for applied lighting. The discussions were triggered by a featuredspeaker in each session. Implications for day- and night lighting and future roadmaps for CIE Divisions 3 and 6 were discussed. The Poster Session covered verydiverse topics from gerontopsychiatric care of aged people that showed improvementfor higher lighting to effective UV radiance and irradiance measurements, and theinterrelation between in vivo and in vitro action spectrum for vitamin D production.More than 160 people from 21 countries attended the symposium showing anincrease of around 60% compared to the first symposium in Vienna, indicating anincreasing interest in Lighting and Health.

The papers included in this volume are edited by the authors; they arepublished in full under the responsibility of the authors themselves. The editing grouprestricted its contribution to matters of typography and layout.The Proceedings contains the full text of all the presented 24 papers and 29posters.

The publication consists of 239 pages with 164 figures and 13 tables.

A CD-ROM with all papers in a searchable form is included with the puchase of the “softcover/CD-ROM” format.

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