The Canon ImageClass MF227dw Review: The Best Multifunction Printer Under $200

canon imageclass mf227dw review

Today’s businesses demand more from their printers. They want fast printing, long-lasting prints, and the ability to print on different types of paper and card stock. These multifunction printers (MFPs) combine several individual devices in one device. With an MFP, you can scan, copy, print and fax all from the same machine – and it’s easier than ever to find affordable multifunction printers. The price of a printer doesn’t always reflect how well it performs. Finding the right balance between usability, speed and value is paramount when purchasing any device with multiple uses. Once you understand what you need from your printer, it’s much easier to choose the model that meets your needs. If you’re searching for an affordable MFP that offers fast speeds as well as a wide array of functions with intuitive controls and software packages, then check out our review of the Canon ImageClass MF227dw .


What You Need To Know About The Canon ImageClass MF227dw

The Canon ImageClass MF227dw is one of the most affordable versatile devices on the market. You can expect to pay less than $200 for this device. While you won’t find the most advanced features or lots of memory storage, the Canon MF227dw offers everything you need for everyday office tasks. This printer is perfect for an office of 1-5 users. Those who wish to share their prints through a central network will need to look for a higher-end model, but this printer is perfect for small offices with limited funds. The printer boasts a print speed of 22 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white prints and color prints at 16 ppm. This is a standard speed for a device in this price range, and users should find it fast enough for most projects. The print quality is also standard, so this printer is perfect for printing out documents and simple graphs or charts.


Scanning Speeds and Quality

If you need to scan documents or photos, the Canon ImageClass MF227dw has a built-in scanner. Scanning times are a bit slow, taking around two minutes to scan a single page. This is on the slow side, and users looking for a faster device should consider a more advanced model. The scanner produces good quality scans, and the device can scan documents up to 11×17 inches in size. If you need to scan photos, be aware that the scanner can only scan one photo at a time.


Copy Speed and Quality

The Canon ImageClass MF227dw also boasts a built-in copier that can handle up to 99 copies at a time. The copier automatically detects what type of paper you’re using and adjusts the darkness of the image to suit the paper type. The copier also has a few other useful features, like stapling and reduction. If you need to make large copies, you can reduce the number of copies to make the print bigger. This is a standard copier for an MFP in this price range. While it doesn’t have lots of advanced features, the copier does what it was designed to do — copy. The copier also has a few useful features like reduction and stapling, as well as automatic darkness adjustment.



The Canon ImageClass MF227dw is an affordable and versatile MFP. It’s great for a home office or small business looking to print and scan a lot of documents. Users who want to print photos or make copies will be disappointed, but they can find more expensive models that include these features. Those who are looking for an affordable MFP that offers fast speeds and a wide array of functions with intuitive controls and software packages will love this printer.